What To Get Him On Valentine’s Day

what to get him on valentines dayWhat To Get Him On Valentine’s Day

If you are stressing about what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, you are definitely not alone as the deadline approaches. But don’t worry, we can help!

If you have ever heard of or read the book The Five Love Languages, then you will know that people feel loved and appreciated in different ways.  Spending quality time together, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation are the five basic ways people feel loved. This means that for everyone who appreciates getting something shiny and new on a special day, there are others who would much rather do something else to celebrate.

So what’s a loving girl to do?

This month we want to talk specifically to women because many women struggle with what to get their man on a special occasion.  In our society Valentine’s Day often obligates the man to get something wonderful for his girl and for him to sweep her off her feet.  At Spa Escape we believe that love and care is for everyone so women, let’s surprise him this year.  Let’s shock him and let him know how much we admire and love him!  Not sure how?  Below are some great ideas.

To start, think about his hobbies, especially if there are ones he doesn’t get to do as much as he would like. Do something that encourages his joy for his hobby.  For example, if he is a musician, go on an outing with him to Long & McQuade.  Be excited that you get to watch him enjoy his hobby while he looks around (even if he doesn’t get a single thing). If he’s an artist, hit up an art supply shop. Whether he likes cars, video games, construction, electronics… there are many ways to spend time with him focusing on his hobby. If the thought of his hobby bores you just remember that it’s not about you and if it helps, think of the times he has sat through your shopping sprees at stores he has no interest in.  But here’s the key to making this time together successful for him – be sure to not sigh, moan, criticize, look bored or ask if he is almost done (you can do it ?). If he likes receiving a physical gift you may want to offer to buy something for him that he picks out at the store.  Now you have given him the gift of time and a gift for him to remember your time together that focused on him.

Another great thing about time together is You don’t have to go anywhere to make this work. You can sit and quietly watch his favourite sport or movie, just enjoying that you’re both there together without worrying about who’s eating what, or if the house is dirty, or what else he has to do. But here’s the secret key to watching his favourite game or show with him – don’t talk.  Yes, we said it…don’t talk.  Even if you don’t understand what is going on just watch and be with him.  Don’t even ask him to explain the rules of the game.  It may seem like a waste of time to you but you will have given him the enjoyment of being with you while being able to watch something else that he enjoys.  Give him the gift of your time, and he’ll appreciate it immensely.

If that doesn’t sound like something you can do, tweak the formula to something that does. Catch up on his to-do list for him.  Has he been wanting to frame a favourite poster organize his desk for months, clean out his vehicle, sweep the garage? Another act of service you may want to consider is making him his favourite dinner that you can share together. Don’t forget to consider what you tell him.  Sometimes as women we are great at letting our man know what he is doing wrong.  Let’s change that and start by writing him a note about what you admire about him or how meaningful he is to you, and what you adore about your relationship. Give him a list of ways that he still sweeps you off your feet, even (especially!) if you have been together for years. You may want to list your favourite memories and how he has changed your life for the better.  I think you get the picture here, we are suggesting that you shower him with words of admiration and affirmation.

What it really comes down to is that everyone loves to feel loved, and there is nothing in any store anywhere that does it as well as something personalized from you  to the one you love. Put in the effort to show how much you care, in the way that suits him best, and this Valentine’s Day will be the best one yet!

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