How To Find The Best Spa Near You


How To Find The Best Spa Near You

Going to the spa is essential when it comes to self-care and it should be a fun and relaxing experience – and the most reliable way to make it as stress-free as possible is to ensure the spa you’re visiting has a great reputation and uses the industry’s best practices. While this may be hard to tell from an internet listing or a glance through the front window as you walk by, there are a few factors that you can use to identify a great spa from one that might be cutting corners. Here are 6 ways to find the best spa for you.

The best spa would be kept clean.

This is one of the most obvious signs of quality and care. Look at more than just the front desk or the floor, and find out if the staff cleans the actual tools and surfaces that you’ll be in contact with.  Look in the corners and the ledges and not just the common surfaces.  This has always been important, but now it is absolutely essential with COVID considerations. Feel free to ask how the tools and surfaces are cleaned and disinfected and what products are used.  A good spa will not be offended by such questions.  If the prices are suspiciously low, this could be a sign that corners are being cut.

Also, make sure that the staff uses proper hygienic practices for themselves, like

clean clothes/uniform, regular handwashing or hand sanitization. If you don’t see these actions being taken, it’s a red flag to take your business elsewhere.

It provides great value for the price.

A good spa doesn’t just provide good service, but it does so at a fair price point with an upfront and transparent pricing model. It’s not always about being cheap or expensive, because different factors can impact this – some people may pay strictly for quality, while others want a full environmental experience or niche services. Know what you want, and do a bit of research to find a place that really suits your personality and style. If you feel like you’re getting completely overcharged or you are uncomfortable in the environment of a specific spa, it’s probably not a good fit for you.

The spa staff are knowledgeable.

There’s no room for guessing when it comes to working on skin, nails, and hair – so all staff at your chosen spa should be able to answer any questions you have about the process. Does your nail technician know the science behind nail growth and health? Does the esthetician understand how different chemical peels work, and what products are best for your at-home care? You should be confident that you’re getting top-tier service and top-tier knowledge when you visit the best spa.

The staff can teach you.

This ties back into the last point – the staff should not only know what they’re doing, but they should be able to teach you anything that you’ll need to know to maximize your value and self-care. For example, if you come in to get laser hair removal, they should easily be able to teach you what to do and expect before and after the process, as well as giving you information about proper after-care products. Any location able to be called the best spa can do this, even for procedures as small as nail polish touch-ups.

They treat their employees well.

Everyone loves low-cost services, but if they’re “too good to be true” that’s almost definitely a sign of deeper employee wage issues. If your mani/pedi or facial services are a fraction of what is charged at other spas, there must be a reason, like under-the-table payments to employees instead of fair payroll that includes CPP and EI for the employees, so don’t be afraid to ask about that if you want to know. Sometimes you will even encounter deals like “No GST if you pay cash” – but do you really want to do business with a place that uses questionable methods like this?  Such “deals” are done by businesses that do not contribute to the wellbeing and pension future of their employees and do not pay their fair share of taxes.

If employees are getting short-changed, there is generally a good chance that other corners are being cut with cleanliness, regulations, etc. Ask about the chemicals they use to disinfect and protect their employees. With everything going on these days, if you’re not satisfied, this is yet another reason to bring your dollars to a spa with higher standards across the board.

Trust your friends.

Any good spa will have a loyal client base, and it’s virtually guaranteed that your friends have a few local favourites – everything from the best waxing salons in Calgary to their personal go-to businesses for mud wraps and peels. These referrals may not necessarily have the lowest prices or the most services, but that’s not a bad thing. They are more likely to be places you will be comfortable at, and ultimately, businesses you can trust to do your desired service(s) properly. If you’re spending your money on services you value, that’s all that matters.

This may all sound like a lot, but once you find a spa that you really love, the hardest part is done – and soon you’ll be relaxing with every visit, and feeling great whenever you walk out the door. That satisfaction is something that we see in our clients all the time, even though it’s a little different for everyone. If you have any further questions at all or want to know more about our processes at Spa Escape, don’t be afraid to reach out, because we’re always here to help you!

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