WaySpa Gift Cards

wayspa gift cards

WaySpa Gift Cards

Maybe you’ve been the lucky one on the receiving end of a WaySpa gift card, or maybe you yourself have picked one up and thoughtfully given it out to someone. As with plenty of gift cards, though, the big feature is that you can use them at thousands of different spas around the country – including right here in Calgary at Spa Escape!

WaySpa gift cards are fairly popular, as they can be found at many stores like Costco, Best Buy, or even online at their site, and they make great gifts for the discerning spa-goer who needs a little bit of motivation (or just an excuse) to go and pamper themselves. The cards work just like cash, which make them extremely easy to come in and use for a guilt-free visit.

Here’s how it works: 20% of the value of every WaySpa gift card goes back to WaySpa, and the remaining 80% goes to the spa you visited. You may be wary that this would mean getting less service, less quality, or less attention, but we can assure you that this isn’t the case, as our estheticians won’t even be aware of how you’re paying.

We do recommend that you check with the front desk when you arrive to make sure that your card is valid, as sometimes people get cards that are only accepted in the United States, or it may have been mixed up with an old one that was already used, and so on. We simply want to verify that you’re able to get the service that you want, for the price you expect, and so the front desk staff can do that on the spot for you.

Since we have some fantastic packages which are already discounted, we are not able to also accept Wayspa on our packages.  As well, our registered massage prices are an excellent price so we are also not able to accept Wayspa for a registered massage.  However, we are happy to receive Wayspa on all other regular priced services and products.

One last thing to mention is that the full value of the WaySpa card must be redeemed at once. So if your service is worth less than the amount on the card, we will issue a Spa Escape gift certificate for the difference, which will allow you to come back and use the rest of the funds when you’re ready for another round. Alternately, if you feel that your esthetician and the staff treated you particularly well, we can give a tip from the remainder of the funds on the card (though remember from our past blog entry that there’s no obligation to tip).

Whether you’re a first-time visitor checking things out, or a repeat visitor with a shiny new gift card to use, we know that you’ll find something here that’s sure to please you, and help you leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated. At Spa Escape, it’s what we do!

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