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IPL Laser Hair Removal in Calgary

Laser hair removal is on the rise in Calgary! Unwanted hair growth is a hassle for many people and we are here to help you with that annoying issue!  We use the Sharplight DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) device for hair removal because it is a proprietary light-based technology that has the advantage of a shorter treatment period in comparison to traditional IPL hair removal machines.  This pain free process is a must if you are tired of dealing with unwanted hair. Effective long term hair removal can require a different amount of treatments based on your individual situation. 


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How Many Laser Treatments Do I Need?

As a general rule, you can see up to 25% hair growth reduction after your first hair removal appointment but these results do depend on the part of the body being treated, hair colour and whether you were shaving or waxing before your first hair removal appointment.  For some people, it only takes around 6 visits to the technician, while others require a dozen or more for extremely light or fine hair.  We recommend that you plan on 8 to 10 treatments that are evenly spaced out depending on the area of your body that is being treated.

Why Are Multiple Laser Treatments Needed?

Multiple treatments are a must with laser hair removal. To explain why, we first have to look at the way hair grows in the follicle. There are several phases to this process, starting from growth at the root all the way to the eventual breaking or shedding of the hair. These stages of hair growth are known as early anagen, anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The hair cycle can be compared to the seasons. Early anagen is like the spring, where growth occurs under the surface and a new hair pushes away the old growth.  The anagen stage is like the summer, with the follicle receiving healthy nourishment from the body which can be seen with vigorous hair growth.  This phase can last days or months and even years depending on the area of the body.

Catagen (like autumn) is when the hair follicle loses its nutrient supply from the body and so the hair stops growing.  The hair finally detaches entirely from the hair follicle in the telogen (winter) phase.  The hair remains in the follicle but it can be easily pulled out with next to no pain.  Although the hair may still be in the follicle, the follicle starts to once again slowly draw nutrients from the body and a new hair develops and slowly pushes the old hair out as the process begins again.

Why is this important? Because laser hair removal is effective only when the hair is in its anagen phase.  Although it can be inconvenient for laser hair removal purposes, that each hair is in a different part of the hair growth cycle, it is actually a good thing.  If each of our hair follicles followed the same cycle then all of our hair would shed out at the same time.  How interesting would it be for all of our eyelashes or eyebrows to fall out all at once!  So, as a result, multiple laser hair removal treatments are required so as to treat each follicle when it is in the anagen phase.  The timing between each appointment will be based on the area of the body that is being treated as different parts of the body grow hair more quickly or slowly than others.

Schedule Your Free Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Whether have some questions or just want to dive right into laser hair removal – book in for a free consultation prior to your first appointment.  This can be on the same day as your appointment or you can walk in quickly with your questions. Contact us and while you’re here we will help you understand what is involved and take a look at your specific skin type and the characteristics of your hair so we both know what to expect. Be sure to ask about our discount when you buy a package.


Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Pricing for hair removal services vary slightly based on who exactly is getting it done.  Typically men have much more dense areas of body hair than women and the time needed to properly address the areas is greater.  Below you will find our pricing breakdown based on body location as well as men vs women.

Men’s Laser Hair Removal Price

Men’s Laser Hair Removal is an option more and more men are choosing because it doesn’t have the same pain as other more traditional styles of hair removal.  We get many men in the fitness and bodybuilding industry come in to get that clean look for their upcoming competitions or photo shoots and they just love it!  There’s nothing quite as excruciating as ripping a man’s thick, dense, deeply-rooted hairs out month after month, right!?  If there’s a way to avoid this then that’s a HUGE plus!

Neck: $100.00/session

Shoulders: $150.00/session

Armpits: $105.00/session

Upper Back: $175.00/session

Lower Back: $140.00/session

Full Back: $275.00/session

Chest: $225.00/session

Abs: $135.00/session

Buttocks: $150.00/session


Women’s Laser Hair Removal Price

While laser hair removal might seem ‘new’ to men… it’s been pretty popular with women for decades now.  Some ladies do not mind the regular shaving, waxing, sugaring, etcetera… but for those who would rather have a more permanent solution – laser hair removal is the answer!  The amount of sessions needed will vary greatly based on many factors of the individual such as hair colour and skin tone.  If you would like to get a little more information on this hair removal service just reach out for one of our free laser hair removal consultations today!

Hairline: $80.00/session

Temples: $40.00/session

Sideburns: $50.00/session

Cheeks: $70.00/session

Upper Lip: $30.00/session

Chin: $60.00/session

Upper Lip and Chin: $85.00/session

Full Face: $145.00/session

Neck: $60.00/session

Shoulders: $90.00/session

Underarm: $95.00/session

Upper Arms: $95.00/session

Lower Arms: $85.00/session

Full Arms: $175.00/session

Hands and Fingers: $85.00/session

Chest: $100.00/session

Abdomen: $110.00/session

Belly Button Line: $55.00/session

Lower Back: $110.00/session

Full Back: $225.00/session

Buttocks: $115.00/session

Bikini Line: $95.00/session

Brazilian: $150.00/session

Inner Thighs: $95.00/session

Upper Legs: $200.00/session

Lower Legs: $175.00/session

Full Legs: $325.00/session

Feet and Toes: $95.00/session

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