De-stressing with Mud Wraps

stressing with mud wraps

De-stressing with Mud Wraps


Summer is almost over, and although the weather here in Calgary has been warm throughout August, people have been much more stressed than usual this year. The effects of COVID-19 have shaken up plans and routines, and many have lost out on summer vacations, self-care, and other de-stressing measures.


One thing that helps during COVID-19 is getting the feeling of going away and relaxing, even though one is staying close to home. A great way to experience the benefit of an overseas luxury vacation while staying home is to experience a Dead Sea Mud Wrap.


A Dead Sea mud wrap gives you all the benefits of an exotic mud wrap – minerals, nutrients, detox, hydration – without the cost of an expensive trip around the world. Now is a great time to take a vacation from your daily stress and give your skin some much-needed relief.


Reducing Stress on Your Body


Navigating a pandemic is difficult, and the negative news seems constant. Even if we try do disconnect, it’s hard to do while staying informed about things that might impact our lives. This “always-on, always-alert” status is hard on the body, and leads to many issues as the “stress hormone”, cortisol, can affect your brain and attitude, your organs, and even your skin.


That is why it is important to take time to care for yourself in times like this. Taking time to relax and detoxify will go a long way toward keeping you healthy and helping you feel more grounded and capable of moving forward, especially when there is a constant psychological stress trying to do the opposite.


For some people, they sleep more, allowing the body to regenerate, while others may get comfort in clean eating and staying active. Others still will find solace in junk food or lazy evenings, which is understandable when moderated with exercise and activity. You can take care of your heart, muscles, and other body parts, but too often, your skin – your body’s largest organ – is forgotten.


Great skin care, like mud wraps, remineralizes your skin and gives it more of the nutrients it needs to flourish and function properly. In addition, the wraps cause you to sweat, removing harmful toxins that build up beneath the surface. It’s a win-win result that helps when you are feeling overwhelmed with everything around you.


Dead Sea Mud Wrap at Spa Escape


Dead Sea mud is famous for its health effects on the skin and the entire body, and visiting the Dead Sea is considered an experience in itself. For centuries, people have made the journey there to be able to float in the water and feel the rejuvenation of the minerals, while enjoying the benefits of the mud and treating their various ailments. As it will likely be some time before that vacation is possible again, getting a close-to-home wrap with 100% verified imported Dead Sea mud is an excellent substitute.


At Spa Escape, a mud wrap with Dead Sea mud is just the first step in the process. After the nutrients have soaked in and worked to detox the skin, you receive a gentle body scrub and then time to rinse off in a therapeutic Vichy shower, followed by a 20-minute massage.


The salts and other minerals in Dead Sea mud specifically have been known to treat everything from acne and psoriasis to inflammation, redness, and even joint pain, and getting a wrap is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling great – without ever leaving the city. So take a mini-vacation from your stress, and book your 90-minute mud wrap at Spa Escape today.

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