5 Tips For Oily Skin Care

oily skinOily Skin | 5 Tips To Help You Combat It!

There are billions of people in the world, and everyone is different – and that includes the characteristics of skin types. While some people feel comfortable to just rinse their skin, others may find that their skin is naturally a bit oilier and harder to keep clean than others. This can lead to issues with acne, redness, irritation and much more. Here are five tips to help out if you find yourself struggling with oily skin!

  1. One of the most important things that you can do to combat natural oils is to wash your face at least twice a day. Aside from removing dirt and grime from the day, by using a cleanser designed specifically for face skin you can also remove much of the excess oil. Be aware that a bar of soap is not much help in this situation – it will only make things worse! A cleanser designed for oily skin won’t contain extra oil, but a cleanser for dry skin will. Choose the one that works for you, and use it as often as needed. A facial cleanser will cost more than a bar of soap but it will be well worth the cost as it will go the extra mile to help you combat excess oil. Also keep in mind that a good cleanser will not leave your skin feeling tight but rather smooth and balanced.

  1. It’s tempting – but don’t touch your face! Keep your hands, which contain bacteria and other germs and dirt, away from the delicate skin of your face. Since extra oil is easier for those germs to stick to, they can find their way into pores and cause acne breakouts or other problems.

  1. It seems strange, but the goal of moisturizing oily skin is to put more water into it, and not more oil – which is extra important, as oily skin is often dehydrated, even when it seems like it isn’t. This is why it’s necessary to use a moisturizer that is meant for oily skin: they penetrate through and help the skin and help it to retain water. You want a moisturizer that replenishes the water levels in your dermal layers, not the oils. This is a common reason why people with oily skin think that they can’t use moisturizers, but they can – and more importantly, they should. Your skin never has too much water, after all, and dry climates like the one in Calgary can exacerbate the dehydration of oily skin. In short? Find a hydrating facial moisturizer, instead of an oily one.

  1. You can’t talk about oily skin without talking about acne, because they often go hand in hand. If you suffer from acne breakouts, you may find it helpful to use a product that targets the bacteria caught up in the oils on your skin. If you’re not familiar with it already, you won’t find anything better than our GM Collin Essential Oil Complex (don’t worry, even though it’s called “essential oils”, it’s water-soluble and not oil-based). This product helps overcome acne problems, without drying out your skin like most over-the-shelf products, and specifically goes after bacteria and other infectious agents that can lead to acne. All of this while retaining moisture – it’s all about the balance!


While we’re discussing it, it’s important to note that people with oily skin aren’t the only ones that struggle with acne. It’s not the oil itself that causes breakouts and pimples; it’s the bacteria and other contaminants that transfer to the face, by touching or by other means. Oily skin just makes it easier for them to stick around. If you really want a fresh and clean face for the summer months, you should look into getting a facial or a chemical peel –  a European facial or a glycolic treatment would be a good place to start.


  1. With summer coming up, you’re going to want a sunscreen that protects your skin (see our past blog post for more information on these). Besides going for a high SPF (we recommend SPF 50), also be on the lookout for an oil-free sunscreen. Many people with acne or oily skin don’t wear any sun protection, because they feel it only adds to the oil that’s already present – no good! Some people aren’t even aware that there are sunscreens that are oil-free. Pick up some of these, as they are a wise investment and a great protective barrier for your skin. Here’s another plug for our 60 SPF – Our 60 SPF sunscreen is designed for all skin types and protects the skin without adding any oil to the skin as it is a 100% mineral sunscreen.

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