Vascular Lesions Laser Treatment

vascular lesions laser treatment

Vascular Lesions Treatment

Vascular lesions such as broken capillaries, spider veins, and vascular redness of the face are easily treated with our laser IPL.  It is non-invasive, safe, and reliable.  An added bonus is that there is no down time and on average it only takes 1–3 treatments. We use Sharplight Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC), a powerful light-based technology, to treat the vascular lesions on the face and neck.  Each pulse, directed at the vascular lesion, has a specific wavelength which is optimally absorbed by the hemoglobin chromophores.  The pulses heat up the hemoglobin resulting in shrinkage and healing of the vascular lesion while protecting the surrounding skin.

Treatments of cherry angiomas, erythema, broken capillaries, spider veins, and rosacea poikiloderma are all successfully treated with our Sharplight DPC technology.

Cost of treating vascular lesions depends on the area to be treated but in general ranges from $50 to $200.

There is no cost for a consultation so feel free to phone in or book online for a vascular lesion consultation to get all of your questions answered and to determine if this treatment will be effective for your vascular concerns.

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