Men’s Armpit Waxing

men's armpit waxing

Men’s Armpit Waxing

Men’s Armpit Waxing is a quick and easy way to clean up your summer look for when you’re out and about in your favourite gym clothes or sleeveless shirts.  Depending on the cut of the tank top or some other shirts… sometimes the armpit hair that’s visible is a little unsightly so many men choose to remove the hair for the season.  Other men choose to remove their armpit hair because it can be too rough and any friction during sports can cause skin irritation.  Swimmers, runners, and other athletes regularly remove their body hair for performance reasons but you certainly don’t have to be an athlete to have your underarm hair removed!   If you aren’t the biggest fan of your underarm hair and you would like it waxed regularly even throughout the winter then you need to know you have a team you can trust!  Book in with us and our experienced team of estheticians will quickly and efficiently leave your armpits smooth and clean for much longer than shaving would.

Once your men’s armpit waxing service is done make sure to ask us about any products you can use to minimize any chance of rashes or ingrown hairs.  Our team does amazing work but it’s always smart to do all you can – like using our great Tend Skin product.  Ask us before you leave.  We can’t wait to meet each and every one of you guys! 🙂

$15.00 per person

If you are looking for a more permanent solution you may be interested in our Men’s Laser Hair Removal services.

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