IPL Laser Acne Treatment

ipl laser acne treatment

IPL Laser Acne Treatment

IPL Laser Acne Treatment is incredible!  Acne doesn’t have to be a part of your life anymore.  You can easily restore your skin to its natural beauty with a quick and simple drug-free method.  We use the Sharplight DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) device which uses blue light to destroy acne bacteria, yellow light to stop the body from feeding the bacteria and infrared light to dry the acne lesions.  This proven pain free method gives you results quickly without any side effects. Book today for a consultation and treatment and say good bye to your acne.

We use the Sharplight DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) device for laser acne treatment because it is a proprietary light based technology that has the advantage of a shorter treatment period in comparison to traditional laser acne treatment machines.  This pain free process is a must if you are tired of dealing with acne-prone skin.

Consultation:  $0

Full Face: $99

Upper Shoulders: $149

Back: $199

Chest: $149


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