woman getting microbladed

There is good news for those who have thinning eyebrows, over plucked eyebrows, or are tired of taking time in the morning to draw in darker eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.  Microblading is a great alternative to make up as it gives great-looking eyebrows that don’t require daily maintenance.  In short, microblading is a semi-permanent type of tattoo of the eyebrow area.  A tattoo gun is not used but rather a handheld tool which allows for better precision, for putting pigment into the skin.  You have full say on the shape and color so that you are guaranteed to have full-looking eyebrows by the end of your treatment.  By tinting the skin under the eyebrow hair with hair-like strokes, you will have great full-looking brows that will not need a daily touch up with makeup.  

Not sure if you want to commit to Microblading?

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Microblading Consultation

Get all of your microblading questions answered.  Free (approximately 15 Min).  Take advantage of this service to ensure you are in-the-know with everything “microblade”.

Initial Microblading Treatment    A painless treatment that includes finalizing your desired eyebrow shape and color.  Lay back and relax while we give you full looking eyebrows.  $350 (approximately 2.5 hours)

1 – 3 Month Microblading Touch Up – Allows for any shape or tint adjustment that you may want after your initial microblading treatment.  The cost is included in your initial treatment.  Free (approximately 1 hour)

3 – 6 Month Microblading Touch Up – Those with oily skin may not absorb the ink as well as those with normal to dry skin and may therefore want a touch up 3 to 6 months after their previous treatment.  $100 (approximately 2 hours)

6 – 12 Month Mictoblading Touch Up – It is semi-permanent so you may want a touch up a year after your last treatment.  $150 (approximately 2.5 hours)

12 – 18 Month Microblading Touch Up – For those who want to maintain full looking eyebrows 1 – 1.5 years after their last treatment.  $200 (approximately 2.5 hours)

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