Men’s Neck Waxing

men's neck waxing

Men’s Neck Waxing

Men’s Neck Waxing is a way for guys to keep the back and sides of their neck looking proper longer than it would if you just let a barber straight razor it once every few months.  It’s all nice for the few weeks directly following a haircut but then comes the neck hair growth… and it ruins the clean and crisp look of your neck when wearing your perfect dress shirt.  It also makes some men look sloppier than they’d like to look even when they’re just going about their day in regular clothing.  Why have a bunch of unsightly fuzz surrounding your neck when you don’t have to?  If only there were some way to remove it quickly and have it stay away much longer than it does between barber visits.  Hmmm…

Oh, we’ve got an idea!  How about you come visit us and let our experienced team touch up your neck and have you on your way in no time!?  Call us today and we can get an appointment booked that works for you and your schedule.  If you’re not sure of your schedule but suddenly realize you have time to quickly stop in for the waxing just give us a call and we will hold the spot for you.  We are very accommodating and would love the chance to prove how awesome it is to have a smooth neck for months at a time!

$15.75 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

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