Men’s Leg Waxing

men's legs waxing

Men’s Leg Waxing

Men’s Leg Waxing is important for many athletes like swimmers, cyclists, runners, and even bodybuilders.  The removal of the leg hair can increase a man’s aerodynamics for speed in sports or improve the appearance of their muscle bellies for bodybuilding or fitness photoshoots and competitions.  Leg hair removal is also something that a lot of regular men do because they just appreciate the cleaner look and feel of their skin.  If you’re tired of the unwanted hair on your legs and tired of shaving them every few days then maybe it’s time you gave Men’s Leg Waxing a try.  Our estheticians will remove your leg hair for you in no time!

$70.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

Men’s Upper Half Leg Waxing

Some guys are fine with shaving their own legs from the knees down but find that if they use that technique on their upper legs… they can get more irritation and/or rashes.  Sometimes shaving areas of our body that have lots of friction on a daily basis (like our upper legs) can end up causing a lot of discomfort.  If you would like to have just your upper thighs waxed to avoid this problem then we totally understand!  Book in for just the upper half of your legs and you’ll be happy you did!

$40.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

Men’s Lower Half Leg Waxing

Waxing the lower half of the legs is much more common than just having the upper half waxed because so many of us like to wear shorts on warm days.  If you believe you have way too much leg hair and you’d prefer a cleaner look during the summer then coming in to have your lower legs waxed just might be the perfect new summer tradition!  Call us today and let’s get you hooked up, guys!

$30.00 per person – approximately 20 minutes duration

If you are unsure about pursuing waxing then maybe using our laser hair removal on your legs is best!

Whatever part of your legs you are looking to have cleaned up – we look forward to helping you!  Be sure to ask our front desk reception about all of the incredible products we offer you men for aftercare and they’ll be happy to give you a quick product tour.  You can find out what will work best for your skin type and the service you have had.   See you soon!

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