Men’s Face Waxing

men's face waxing

Men’s Face Waxing

Men’s Face Waxing is for the man who wants the thick hair or even some thinner fuzz removed from their entire face above the jawline.  It’s basically the same as our Men’s Cheeks Waxing but includes the chin, upper lip, and jawline as well.  Sometimes shaving what you have there doesn’t last as long or remove the hair well enough so this service can help you achieve the look you want along with an extended time between hair removals.

Like with all waxing services the men’s face waxing gets less painful each time as the hair follicles get weaker and the regrowth will appear thinner and thinner.  You can expect to see permanent improvements in just a few services so don’t waste any time if you’re interested in having this done.  The sooner you get started the sooner you will have the results you are looking for!

$35.00 per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

(Additional $8.00 to get your brows shaped!)

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