men’s chest waxing

men's chest waxing

Men’s Chest Waxing

Some guys love to rock a super hairy chest and others prefer to do a little ‘manscaping‘ to tame that hair and control what parts of the chest hair remain a little longer… but what if you prefer the cleaned up look?  Any guy who has tried to shave their chest knows that all the rubbing a shirt does against the chest all day is going to create many, many ingrown hairs and a lot of agitation.  The chest is just a high-contact area with our fabrics and doing anything short of removing the hairs completely just might not do!

If you are looking to have your chest hair waxed by a professional then Spa Escape is the place to go!  Our team is incredibly well skilled and efficient so we can get you in and out and on your day… satisfied!  Book in today!

$50.00 per person – approximately 30 minutes duration

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