Men’s Cheek Waxing

men's cheeks waxing

Men’s Cheek Waxing

Men’s Cheek Waxing is a great way to clean up a man’s face from all of the finer hairs that many find “annoying”.  Don’t worry – this isn’t going to remove your luscious beards… this service will smooth out the skin from your eye line down to your perfectly-trimmed beard line (or jawline at most if you’d like).  Our Men’s Cheek Waxing does not include waxing of the lip area, chin area, or the forehead but we can do those areas for you as well if you would like to add them.

This is a great service for any men looking to have a longer amount of time between when they have to clean up the fuzz on their face.  Some people are going on vacations to sunny locations and know that their unsightly face fuzz might ruin any closeup photos they want because the bright sun lights the hairs up!  Some men want this done just to have a sharper image for their profession, a date, or really anything that they deem fit.

If you are interested in having your cheeks waxed then call our awesome team today and we will book you in whenever works for you.  We will only take about 15 minutes to complete the service so you will be on your way very quickly.  While you are here you’ll notice that we have great skin care products to keep their skin looking smooth, hydrated and younger looking so ask us anything you’d like about that.  We look forward to meeting you!

$10.50 per person – approximately 15 minutes duration

If you are looking for a more permanent solution you may be interested in our Men’s Laser Hair Removal services.

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