Men’s Back Waxing

men's back waxing

Men’s Back Waxing

Men’s Back Waxing is one of the most common hair removal services that men want done.  We often hear that although some of our male clients find lots of their body hair to be masculine… their back hair is always a turnoff for the ladies!  If you have a significant other or potential significant other that you know isn’t a fan of a hairy back then you might want to start looking into a few options!  If you aren’t so much worried about what others might think but you still want a smoother back for your own reasons then you should still be looking into the many solutions we can offer you right here in our downtown Calgary spa.  Removing back hair is common amongst swimmers and is a perfect way to help men feel more confident in their body before heading out on a beach vacation!

If you would like to get all cleaned up for any reason at all – we can help!  We can also wax your shoulders while your back is getting done for just an additional $20.  Let us help you feel and look your absolute best!

After your men’s back waxing appointment be sure to ask us about our products that will help minimize the chances of developing any rashes or ingrown hairs.  Our team is very good at what they do but it is always good to do your own follow up with proper products like Tend Skin!  We look forward to meeting you guys!

$50.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

$70.00 (+ shoulders) per person – approximately 30 minutes duration


If you are looking for a more permanent solution you may be interested in our Men’s Laser Hair Removal services.

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