Men’s Arm Waxing

men's arms waxing

Men’s Arm Waxing

Men’s Arm Waxing is something you may not have tried before but have always wondered about.  Many men in the bodybuilding and fitness industry regularly remove hair from their arms and body but there are many other reasons for men to remove their body hair.  There is no prerequisite body you need to achieve to justify a reduction in your body hair… some guys just think they have too much hair and would prefer not to!  If you feel you may be the type of person who would enjoy less hair on your arms then you have found the right place!

Men’s Full Arm Waxing

Many people have unwanted hair on their arms and we are able to remove this unwanted hair quickly and efficiently!  From your hands all the way up to your shoulders we will have you clean and crisp so you can rock that tank top you’ve been waiting to show off!  Book your full arms to be waxed today!

$35.00 per person – approximately 25 minutes duration

Men’s Half Arm Waxing

If you are only bothered by the hair on one half of your arms then this is the option for you.  It takes slightly less time and takes slightly less hair!  Do not go another day feeling self conscious about any hair on your arms, fellas.  We’ll have that handled easily for you in the time you have off during your lunch break!

$25.00 per person – approximately 20 minutes duration


Come on in and let us help clean your arms up so you can look and feel your best.  Our team of estheticians is very skilled at hair removal and you’ll be impressed!  After you are done be sure to ask about our Tend Skin product that will even further ensure you don’t get any ugly rashes or ingrown hairs in the days following your waxing.  We can’t wait to meet you guys!

If you are looking for a more permanent solution you may be interested in our Men’s Laser Hair Removal services.

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