Baby, it’s Dry Outside!

Winter may not officially be here in Calgary, but it sure does feel like it. Especially when the temperature is at  -25C first thing in November. Living in Calgary can be very harsh on everyone’s skin, leaving you with de-hydrated, cracked and painful skin. To help prevent dry and irritated skin, we at Phamtastic Spa Escape can help our clients with their special needs. Anywhere from cracked heels to a hydrating Algo Mask Facial.

Some of our Hydrating treatments we provide at Phamtastic Spa Escape are, 3-1 OxyGeneo Facial, Pedicure with a therma paraffin wax, Manicure with therma paraffin wax, Body scrub followed by a 30 min massage.


The products we carry at our SPA will leave you feeling hydrated and satisfied with your skin:

  • Cuticle Oils / Scented Oils – Cuticle oils are used for your hands and feet that leaves your cuticles moisturized. Oils, can be used for the whole body. Personally I believe that Oils are a lot more effective than body lotions.
  • Healthy Hoof- which also hydrates the cuticles. Believe it or not, Healthy Hoof is also used by horse trainers to moisturize the horse’s hooves. Healthy Hoof has been proven for years to help condition and strengthen nails, this intensive protein treatment also moisturizes and conditions cuticles.
  • Gehwol for cracked skin (generally used for the heel of the foot, but certainly can be used on fingers as well) – Our clients truly do believe in the German product called “GEHWOL.” GEHWOL is a caring ointment for excessively dry, hard, rough and cracked skin.
  • OPI AVO JUICE Lotion- Quench your skin with 24-hour moisturizing! Avo juice is a protective hydration barrier which locks in moisture. Smooth, silky moisturizers plus avocado and aloe extracts help soften and nourish skin. Botanical essences leave a clean fresh scent.

At Phamtastic Spa Escape we will provide our clients with attentive detail in our service.

Come in and see our wide selection of hydrating products. We can customize gift packages as well we do have prepackaged gifts.

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