5 Ideas For Valentine’s Day In Calgary




With just a couple weeks left before Valentine’s Day, the deadline for making plans is fast approaching – and you don’t want to be the one left out in the snowy February cold this year! Though you may feel like you’re out of ideas before you’ve even begun, there are plenty of small and simple gestures you can do that will let your special someone know exactly how you feel. Here are five ideas that vary in cost, and will make all the difference for someone you care about.


1.  The classics are the classics for a reason: just go out for a nice dinner, because everyone is a fan of good food! But going out to eat isn’t anything special most of the time, so how can you make this night stand out? It’s as easy as adding the element of surprise – don’t mention where you’ll be going!

Call up a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try and get your reservation booked, and then when February 14 rolls around, all you have to do is explain what the dress code is. Is it fancy? Casual? Trendy and chic? Whatever it may be, it will add a thrill and a touch of mystery to the evening. We recommend aiming high – quite literally – for the Sky 360 restaurant at the top of the Calgary Tower, which offers both a dining and a visual experience that neither of you will soon forget.


2.  Not on board with the usual dinner date? Spice things up with a trip west of Calgary, to the picturesque town of Banff, just over an hour from the city limits. Make a reservation at the Rundle Lounge in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – famous for its architecture, hospitality, and stunning views – and head out in the morning to make it in time for their afternoon tea.

Far from being just a cup of tea, this is actually a full meal served between noon and 4 PM on Valentine’s Day, and it leaves plenty of time afterward for romantic walks along the river, through the town, or even a trip up to the mountaintop on a gondola. Just don’t forget the reservation, because this one fills up fast!


3.  If there’s one item that you can’t go wrong with on Valentine’s Day, it has to be chocolates. Delicious, sweet, and suggestive, they’re the perfect gift for couples new and old alike. While there are the rare few who are able to pass on taking “just one more bite….” again and again, most people welcome chocolate with open arms.

To make an impression this Valentine’s Day, head out in advance and make a stop at one of the fine chocolatiers that grace our city, like Bernard Callebaut – it’s a step up from a last-minute box of grocery store chocolates, and it shows that you’ve put thought and effort into getting something. The high quality and excellent taste of this chocolate is sure to please.


4.  Let’s face it, we all lead busy lives, and sometimes things just slip our minds. If you find yourself in the dreaded Last Minute Rut, don’t worry too much! For nearly everyone, it is not so much the “what” that matters, as it is the “who”. You can do small things together and it will be just as meaningful as large or expensive ones.

If you’re strapped for time, stick with what you know works – get a babysitter for the night, pick up tickets to a movie you know you’d both like to see, and say that neither of you will be making dinner that night. Spend some time with each other, reconnecting and talking, and you’ll find that the happiness you get in return is just as good as any gift!


5.  Really want to make an impact? Get her a gift to the spa! Everyone loves to relax, to be pampered, to look their best, to feel cared for – and Spa Escape is the perfect way to get it all in one place. If she wants a facial from one of our estheticians, she can come in for one, as well as a manicure, pedicure, body wrap, massage, or any one of our other plentiful options that are available.

If you’re looking for the ultimate couples’ experience, simply come sit next to her in the massage chairs and have a spa visit together! It doesn’t even have to be on Valentine’s Day – just give her the certificate and she can choose to use it on a day that might be especially tough or stressful. And when she thinks of how good and relaxed she feels, and you’re the first person that comes to mind…well, that’s the best gift for both of you, isn’t it?


From all of us at Spa Escape in Calgary, we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day this February and we look forward to helping you look and feel your best – all year round!

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